Retiring (Downsizing or Moving)

Life comes at us quickly!

Illness, death of a loved one, divorce and overall economic uncertainty.

If you require assistance Cashyn Homes can help by providing viable solutions for your unique situation.

How do you know when it is time to let go of the property and begin a new chapter?


It’s finally time to enjoy the golden years! No more shovelling the walk, or trudging up and down stairs.

Do you need help downsizing your home and finding a new place to live?
We offer assistance with donating goods, as well as junk removal for those items that you didn’t have the time to tend to
over the past few years. Our experts can set you up with property management companies and relocation resources.

Did you know the average price of Assisted Living options vary widely…
Basic care units: $1,500–$6,500/month.
Memory care units: Price varies according to location.
Skilled nursing units: $1,500–$10,700/month