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Positioned between 9th Avenue and the Bow River, Downtown East Village provides a unique residential experience. Contact CalgaryMLX at 587-315-0500 to unveil the possibilities of Downtown East Village properties or schedule a condo showing.

Downtown East Village Residential

Witness the transformation of Downtown East Village, where a redevelopment journey, initiated in 2007, continues to redefine urban living. The recent phase, commencing in 2013, introduces contemporary apartment blocks and condominiums, marking a new era for the East Village.

This vibrant area stands at the core of Calgary’s downtown, promising a blend of modernity and historical charm. The City Hall Station stands as the gateway to this evolving urban landscape.

Until 2005, a substantial 83% of homes were rentals, resulting in limited property availability. Today, Downtown East Village boasts a mix of single-family homes, apartment blocks, and condominiums.

The redevelopment plan injects life into the area, once the heart of Calgary back in 1875, now redefining itself as a standalone residential hub. With millions invested in renovation, construction, and infrastructure, Downtown East Village is a thrilling prospect for condo buyers.

Unveiling East Village’s Four Quadrants

A substantial investment has partitioned the East Village into four distinct areas, each with a unique personality and attractions. Historic landmarks like the Hillier Block, St. Louis Hotel, and the Simmons Building are being restored, blending seamlessly into the modern development. This convergence of history and modernity creates an exciting environment for future residents.

Downtown East Village Revitalization

As part of the revitalization, new walkways, bridges, and amenities enhance connectivity, making the East Village an integral part of the city. St. Patrick’s Bridge and the revitalized St. Patrick’s Island create gateways to nature, providing a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The East Village Neighbourhood Association adds value with volunteer opportunities and information services.

Downtown East Village Educational Opportunities

Explore educational opportunities with Downtown East Village Public Schools under the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) or consider options from the Catholic Separate School Board. French immersion programs are also available through the Calgary Board of Education (CBE).

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