Explore the allure of Mayfair, a petite yet prestigious residential area in southwest Calgary, renowned for its collection of exquisite luxury homes. Mayfair real estate, nestled just south of Bel-Aire and east of the Glenmore Reservoir, offers a picturesque setting alongside Calgary’s Heritage Park.

Bordered by Elbow Drive to the east and Glenmore Drive to the south, Mayfair is a haven for those seeking an idyllic residential experience. The Chinook CTrain Station conveniently serves the area.

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Mayfair Real Estate Market

Step into the history of Mayfair, as its real estate journey began with annexation to Calgary in 1956, followed by rapid development starting in 1957. Fueled by Calgary’s urbanization program of the 50s and 60s, Mayfair emerged as a desirable neighbourhood, especially given its proximity to the Glenmore Reservoir and Heritage Park.

Homes in Mayfair, numbering no more than 500, are considered exclusive, with a majority being single-family detached residences designed for affluent homeowners. Despite its small size, Mayfair welcomes residents of various age brackets, creating a diverse and charming community.

Mayfair Neighbourhood Amenities

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and outdoor amenities surrounding Mayfair. The Elbow River, Glenmore Reservoir, Glenmore Athletic Park, and Weaselhead Flats become an extension of your living space, enhancing the area’s desirability.

For shopping enthusiasts, Chinook Mall is a short hop away, offering a diverse range of stores and restaurants. The Mayfair Bel-Aire Community Association provides recreational opportunities, including an outdoor skating rink, sports fields, and tennis courts.

Mayfair Local Schools

Mayfair caters to families with an array of schools in close proximity. Chinook Park School, Haysboro School, St. Augustine School, Henry Wise Wood High School, and Central Memorial High School are popular choices, reflecting the neighborhood’s appeal to families with young children.

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