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Dive into a diverse range of housing options, from turn-of-the-century homes to contemporary condos. Families in Cliff Bungalow relish nearby commercial establishments and outdoor havens like Lindsay Park and Elbow River pathways. Connect with your CalgaryMLX real estate experts at 587-315-0500 for more details on Cliff Bungalow properties or to schedule a home showing.

Cliff Bungalow Housing Market

Uncover the rich history of the Cliff Bungalow housing market, initially designed for Canadian Pacific Rail employees in the 1870s. Annexed to Calgary in 1906, development commenced in 1907. Today, Cliff Bungalow seamlessly blends downtown living convenience with an outdoor lifestyle.

Character homes from the 1900s coexist with modern condominiums, reflecting the evolving taste of the community. With proximity to commercial hubs and outdoor amenities, residents often prefer strolling over driving.

Enjoy easy access to downtown Calgary via Elbow Drive, enhancing the appeal of Cliff Bungalow. Shopping, dining, and entertainment options line 17 Avenue, making it a popular choice for homebuyers.

The community’s charm lies in its small size, providing an ideal setting for those seeking a slower-paced urban lifestyle. The Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association plays a pivotal role in maintaining the area’s low-density character, restricting buildings to three stories or fewer.

Cliff Bungalow Oasis of Amenities

For those seeking tranquillity, Cliff Bungalow homes are close to Lindsay Park and scenic river pathways. The vibrant 4 Street commercial district and bustling 17 Avenue add vibrancy to the community.

The Cliff Bungalow-Mission Community Association actively shapes the neighbourhood and hosts the renowned 4 Street Lilac Festival, Calgary’s largest street festival. From its origins as housing for rail employees, Cliff Bungalow has transformed into a dynamic community that harmonizes downtown living with an outdoor-centric lifestyle.

Cliff Bungalow’s Education

Cliff Bungalow real estate is supported by several schools, including St. Monica Elementary and Junior High School, Western Canada Senior High School, and St. Mary’s Senior High School. Catering to diverse educational needs, these institutions contribute to the community’s appeal.

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